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2023 Mason Bees - 25 cocoons

We are currently offering mason bees for sale in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mason bees are solitary bees that fly from April to June. They are perfect pollinators for spring flowering plants and trees, like apples, cherries, blueberries, and plums. Mason bees overwinter in small cocoons. The cocoons are placed outside in the spring, and the bees emerge when temperatures reach about 55 degrees F. 25 cocoons per order.

2023 Mason Bees - 25 cocoons

  • 25 cocoons is a good starting point to see how mason bees do in your area. One bee house has enough nesting material for about 50-75 cocoons. Each order comes with ~50:50 mix of males and females.

  • Mason bee cocoons need to be stored in your refrigerator until you are ready to place them outside. Around the end of April (about the time of dandelion bloom in the midwest), put the cocoons in the provided plastic tube and place the tube on top of the nesting material in your house. The bees will emerge from the small hole at the front of the tube.

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