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My love of bees started when I was a child growing up on a farm. I was mesmerized by the bees that visited my mother’s garden. I didn’t realize their delicate dance from flower to flower was helping feed my family.


As farm kids often do, I moved to the big city and forgot about bees for awhile. About nine years ago, I decided to get my ‘farm girl’ groove back and try beekeeping. I started keeping honey bees and then discovered the amazing mason bee. As I learned more about mason bees and other solitary bees, I realized these relatively unknown bees could mean big changes for the environment, for agriculture, and for me. I was hooked…or maybe stung…and decided to make a difference in the world through my work with solitary bees.

About Us


I never imagined that Lori would drag me into the wild world of bees, but here I am! I've always loved the outdoors and its natural beauty. Whenever I can be outside in the summer is a good day for me.


As a Jackie-of-All-Trades, I enjoy woodworking and designing unique bee products for our business, but I most enjoy meeting new people who want to help pollinators. It's especially rewarding to see how excited people are when the bounty of their farm, orchard, or garden increases with the help of our bees.

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